Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Documentary: College Tuition Bubble (2011)

Here it is good documentary about the rampant rising cost of college tuition that most students cannot afford. The high cost of college tuition is an outright scam and should not be acceptable. There is absolutely no reason to pay $27,000/yr (private school) especially when there is no guarantee of a job. The unfortunate reality is that students believe the high price of college is the norm and is accepted as part of the American culture. I beg to defer. The inflated cost of tuition is caused by easy money similar to the housing bubble debacle. Student loans are readily available at artificially low interest rates provided by none other than the government itself. As more and more students easily borrow and overpay for college, this is an endless cycle that fuels the ever-growing college tuition bubble. However, the bubble will eventually burst, just like all bubbles do (i.e., home prices, stock prices, etc). But until then, students will be forced to acquire a huge loan only to find themselves saddled with debt that will take many years to repay. Watch the video and enjoy.

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  1. Really this documentary is good. I watched it. And I am inspired by documentary. Thanks for sharing with us.